• Tracee Jackson

Safe In His Arms

I have rarely ever encountered meeting someone or spending time with someone that didn’t have some circumstance in their life that they were going through whether big or small. The daily burdens we carry can vary in size. Sometimes they are light and sometimes they are so heavy we feel buried. Regardless of where you are in this season of life, what size your burden or circumstance is, one of the greatest tools we’ve been given to help us get through to the other side of the burden is through the power of worship. Worship = connection. It connects us to God. As a Worship Leader all these years, I have found in some of my darkest hours of life, I sit at the piano and just begin to play. Tears may be streaming down my face and my heart may feel even almost overwhelmed to the point where I can’t even find the words, but the beauty of worship is, words are not needed because it's a heart thing. Just sitting in the presence of our Creator, the Great I am, the One who loves us deeper than anyone could ever love us is enough. When we come to that place of turning the focus from what is happening in our lives – the inward focus, and turn it outward and upward into the gaze of our Father, things happen in that place.

The first word that comes to my mind and heart when we enter into that place of surrendering is safety. We are safe in His arms. No matter what the storms may be surrounding us, in Him we are safe. He is the only one who can calm the storms that are raging. He is the only one that can go ahead of us and make a way in a situation that we can’t get through on our own. He is our safe place, as David said in Psalm 91:2, "This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety, he is my God and I trust him."

The second word that comes to mind is trust. As we release our burdens to the Father, as we gaze outside our circumstances, our trust in who God is, is renewed and strengthened. Trust, to me, equals walking out on barbed wire, not being able to see what is ahead but saying to the Lord, "I can’t see what’s ahead, but I choose to trust you."

Trusting in the Father is a choice. I have lived long enough to know and experience that there truly isn’t any other way to live than to make that choice of trusting Him. His words resound with so much truth when He said, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." Proverbs 3:5-6

Even though there are so many things that happen when we fix our gaze upon the Father in surrendered worship beyond this, my last word is freedom. When we come to the place of truly knowing that God is safe, we can leave our burdens at His feet as He says His burden is light and His yoke is easy – then trusting Him is released as you face whatever circumstance you’re walking in. With that release in your life comes freedom – freedom to worship whether in the valley or on the mountaintop. Freedom comes because you know that God is the Waymaker! There is NOTHING too big for Him. Nothing!

No matter where you are at this point in life on this very day, run to your Father who loves you more than you could ever even begin to comprehend. As this worship song so beautifully says,

"I've carried a burden For too long on my own I wasn't created To bear it alone I hear Your invitation To let it all go Yeah I see it now I'm laying it down And I know that I need You I run to the Father I fall into grace I'm done with the hiding No reason to wait My heart needs a surgeon My soul needs a friend So I'll run to the Father Again and again And again and again"

Run into His arms….it’s safe there.

~Tracee Jackson, Worship Leader @ Lift Church